Poor Curtis

Here’s a shot of one Curtis Jackson after losing 60 pounds for his role in the upcoming film Things Fall Apart. According to the US Weekly article where the pictures appeared, Fifty went on an all liquid diet and did cardio for three hours a day.

50 Cent


7 thoughts on “Poor Curtis

  1. lol dmx

  2. Damn homie…I can’t front. This ACTUALLY does make me want to see the movie. Cause if homie’s gettin like that…this better be like an “Oscar Nominee” type role. lol

  3. Curtis looks like Dave Chappelle.

  4. I’m sorry…I gotta comment again…that nigga looks MAD unhealthy like he got cancer! And he looks miserable as hell!

  5. This is unrelated to the article. But yooooo the level of ignorance on display in thisis50.com comments is outstanding. but nah 50 went hard in his preparation, like christian bale for the machinist.

  6. Ivan you know what? I just saw that flick last month and was in awe. Bale looked straight emaciated…said he ate an apple and a can of tuna a day to slim down for that role. I guess 50 was on a straight liquid diet. All i’m sayin…is 50’s name,the weight loss and the fact that he co-wrote this movie and produced it…is gonna put ASSES in seats. I predict at least 90 million in ticket sales.

  7. hm i would predict the opposite…a total flop

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