Plies Ringtones

Plies ringtone

Download Plies ringtones from all his albums including The Real Testament, Definition of Real, and Da Realist. Get Plies ringtones by going right here.

List of Plies Ringtones
1 Day
1 Mo Time
100 Years
2nd Chance
A Bitch Hate They Situation
All Black
Bust It Baby
Bust It Baby Part 2 (Feat. Ne-Yo)
Dat Bitch
Family Straight
Feel Like Fuckin’
Fuck U Gon’ Do ‘Bout It
G Street
Goons Lurkin
Got Em Hatin
Gotta Be
Heard of Me
Hypnotized (feat. Akon)
I Am The Club
I Chase Paper
I Kno U Workin
I’m Da Man (Feat. Trey Songz)
Kept It Too Real
Make a Move
Me and My Goons
Money Straight
Ms. Pretty Pussy
Murkin Season
Never Tell On One Of My Dawgs
Nm. 1 Fan (Feat. Keyshia Cole)
Ol’ Lady
On My Dick
Pants Hang Low
Please Excuse My Hands (Feat. The-Dream)
Plenty Money
Put It On Ya (feat. Chris J)
Real Testament Intro
Rich Folk
Runnin My Momma Crazy
Shawty (feat. T-Pain)
Shit Bag
Somebody (Loves You)
Spend the Night
Street Light (feat. Sean Garrett)
Want It, Need It (feat. Ashanti)
Watch Dis
Who Hotter Than Me
Worth Goin’ Fed Fo

2 thoughts on “Plies Ringtones

  1. plies i luv u always and 4 eva

  2. you is!!dot not dot poi fot poi dot pog wig i love fot po dot poi fot po boy mor wie fpt poi fot pod dir poi qoik wie dot poi

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