Plies “Please Excuse My Hands” Ringtone

Plies - Please Excuse My Hands Ringtone

Download Plies Please Excuse My Hands ringtone right over here.

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9 thoughts on “Plies “Please Excuse My Hands” Ringtone

  1. hey baby you sexy

  2. Okay…….. plies i just wont to say wat up how u been doin? An i know you got a lot of people txtin u fine man. But listen im yo 1# baby an i wont you to know that i love rap an u just make it greater. Look i aint no gold digger i get my own baby just like that i love u i know a lot of people told u that all the time but i mean it. Yes i love u from he bottom of my heart. An i know it may be hard an not in yo pants i mean life u keep shinein till yo last breath boo. I love u an by the way u look sexy on all yo pics i like it . ps o get back on yo chat cheak yo messages love ya.

  3. Hay wuz it do plies…. Dis is tha realest chick arckey and u knw wat it is.. Damnnn plies u is sexyyyy and omg u look so hot i luv all yo sexy ass songz cuz u keep it real.Im ur #1 fan and ur bust it babe but i do luv u soooo muchhh.. Holla @ ya sexy…
    Luv Mz. Plie$

  4. Wuz up Plies you is my #1 fan as i put it and im your #1 fan you inspires me and i love all your music especially want it need it by you and ashanti well i got to go but i love you so much, Holla At You $exy
    Love M$. Plies

  5. u dont have 2 say that

  6. a hoe

  7. people i understand yalz are crying about plies but i doute the is anyone that could be more crazt and absessed about about more then me!!!!!!!…..mmmmmhhhhh…..your music,your lyricx,YOUR LOOKX!!!…Mmmhhh….dawg you a killa straight up!!!…one love jo,pease

  8. love this pic. love his songs.

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