Pimp C Grow Up: Young Jeezy Situation

Pimp C

If you don’t know about the Pimp C/Jeezy situation, let me quickly break it down for you. In Ozone magazine, which is some hip hop publication that spotlights the South, Pimp C made some disparaging comments about Atlanta and rappers lying about prices on a key of cocaine. Pimp C said,

You bitch ass niggas talking $17,500 and all these funny-ass dope numbers, how you gon’ sell it for $17,500 if you ain’t get it from me for $10k, bitch?

Mr. 17.5 is Young Jeezy’s nickname and Pimp C’s whole rant was against rappers from Atlanta where Jeezy is from, so the streets thought Pimp C was talking about Jeezy. Then Pimp C was asked by XXL magazine to clarify and Pimp C said,

First of all, Jeezy is a cold muthafucka with a microphone who, in my opinion, gotta have something in him that’s street or somebody street around him that’s instillin’ something in him. Now that I gave him his compliment, let me go on. Don’t single out Jeezy, because he ain’t the only one that’s kickin’ numbers that don’t match.

So you say Jeezy ain’t saying the right prices, but then say that Jeezy is your brother and that you would not go against your brother in front of the media, Pimp C,

But Young Jeezy is my brother. I done made records with the nigga. I’m not gonna side with the media against my brother.

But this is exactly what you did by talking about cocaine prices in two international magazines and specifically called out 17.5. Are you crazy? What did your whole rant accomplish? If you want rappers to change, make an album that will change the music. Your being a really old ass bitter dude, you ain’t even a pimp dog, you got a wife and kids. If you really was about positive change you would have dropped the “Pimp” nonsense. Think before you speak.

Young Jeezy

Jeezy had this to say about the situation in a recent interview with Allhiphop.com,

If he ain’t referring to me he ain’t referring to me but first of all I’m one hundred, I’m a real street ni**a and I ain’t gotta stress that. And nor will I get myself or anybody in my circle indicted to prove nothing to no ni**a, but at the end of the day that what it is and that’s what I’m standing on. He been gone six years, he don’t know what’s been going on in these streets. And to be honest with you, nobody ain’t got to go shop over that way anyway. Come on man, this real man, this the world. You can go to the West Coast, you can go wherever you need to go to do what you got to do, ain’t just one store. [laughing]

I don’t know what that’s about but I’m still standing on it. It’s 17.5, ni**a got a problem with it, then let’s get it.

I love how Jeezy handled this. There’s no sense in talking about prices and who did what, your all past those situations now and are entertainers, just get your money and get out.

PS. I’m still glad Pimp C aired some things out, but he should have stopped with the brick talk. A few years ago in NY they rocked these silly shirts for a reason.

Stop Snitchin

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