Peedi Crack – Sweet Dreams (Letter to Jay-Z)


What kind of gayassness is this?

Peedi Crack needs to fall back. Remember that Jay-Z freestyle he did on Hot 97 toward Nas like seven years ago when he said,

While yall was runnin yall mouth complainin bout summer jam, i was in flip flops in the south of france. See how it flip flops with the number 1 station for hip hop and r & b , you thought summer jam was starrin you , it was starrin me. Even in my absence my presence is felt. I gotta tell you, im the king dawg if nuffin else. Im on another continent you still ain`t content. Im in the Mediterranean, you stil aint bent. Explain to me why I wanna be you again, you on the radio cryin, im learning to swim.

I think that could pretty much apply in this case.

One thought on “Peedi Crack – Sweet Dreams (Letter to Jay-Z)

  1. lol what the fuck is this a diss song or a lullaby

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