Jay-Z aka One Take Hov

Jigga aka Jay-Z sat down with MTV to discuss his “lyric writing process” or lack thereof. He discusses his recording process in how he went from writing lyrics on Reasonable Doubt to not writing a thing down and how he has inspired the younger rappers to follow suit. He also has some advice for aspiring rappers.

I really don’t know why this is such a big deal, he still thinks of what he is going to say before he goes into the booth. Any rapper with at least five years in the game should be able to do this already. Also, if you notice in the Fade to Black movie Jay doesn’t necessarily spit an entire sixteen bar verse straight out. If you watch closely he looks as if he does a four or eight bar verse and just does a punch’n.

Yall know how all these other rappers have come out of nowhere making the same claim Hov has about not writing down their lyrics. But all of them do the same punch’n method too, I’m sure yall seen that video of T.I. and Just Blaze recording and T.I. was doing punch’ns for damn near every line. However, Lil Wayne’s claim that he doesn’t write down a lyric (nor even premeditate what he is going to say?) is believable cause he usually just says random stuff until one line sticks. He uses a process called “free association” where you just say whatever comes to mind in relation to how the beat makes you feel.

Anyway here’s the full link and video to Jay-Z’s interview.

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