Oh Man This Should Be Big

Hey heads, a very big survey company emailed me today asking if they could have YoRapper readers take surveys in return for free music. I asked them how this would work, basically you come to yorapper.com everyday and take a short survey through a little control panel and in return you get a free LEGAL song from this site puretracks.com.

As part of the testing I got to see how it works and I am blown away. Basically because you can download whole albums if you do a survey everyday or just use it to get singles. And yes they have a fairly good hip hop section, though no old albums from the 90s, all stuff from 2000 and on. I just downloaded LL Cool J’s Baby haha. I will have more details in the days ahead as they said they would be launching it by next week.

Another good thing about this is that the artists get paid for each download. Could it be possible that we’re going to revolutionize the music business? Anyways…

How many of yall would be interested in doing this say “I”?

2 thoughts on “Oh Man This Should Be Big

  1. yes Murphy!

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