October 2007: American Gangster

American Gangster

No one thought it could be done, but I’m still here. This is the second month for YoRapper.com and I want to thank all of you for making this site exceed my expectations for the month of September. YoRapper is getting hits from all around the world and it is an incredible feeling to know that I am providing some kind of entertainment value for all of you out there. So thank you.

This month, I will do my best to break news before anyone else, provide better articles and even more album reviews that will make the hardest rappers cry (no homo). So please check back often as this site is updated hourly. I don’t claim to provide coverage on all rappers, just the really good ones. So sit back and relax and watch YoRapper take over this web shit in true American Gangster style. You’ve seen Scarface right? Well this is the internet version, hopefully a bunch of goons from XXL mag don’t come to gun me down. YN seems really scary from his blog post. Rigidity. Come and Get Me.

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One thought on “October 2007: American Gangster

  1. Does anyone know the brand of hova’s jacket? The bf thinks its hot shit, which I concur! Mr. Jigga Man can sport pink and make it look gangsta! Let me know if anyone can find that jacket or who makes it and shit like that?


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