Nicki Minaj on 106 and Park

Nicki Minaj and Mack Maine appear on 106 & Park to promote their latest video Bedrock.


5 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj on 106 and Park

  1. If your a young female why put yourself in a postition to make yourself like a hore??? You must not have very much respect for yourself to put your pussy in the air and let someone look at it!!! My cousin thinks she’s the shit but I told her do you want to be called a trick??? I just don’t think a young woman should post herself like that to make money.

  2. I’m sure Yorapper remembers when I went on a 3 comment rant about how wack she was…HOWEVER…I DID have a nightmare about her where this chick was molestin me RECENTLY.(and I kinda liked it)
    But as far as the industry I think when girl raps she sounds like Wayne wrote her raps on Terrets and hopefully she’ll get her act together. She seems like she’s well-spoken so there should be no NEED for all that extra shit…where are all the REAL “femcees” out there??!!!

  3. Yeah here.

    But she’s actually kinda nice.

    LOL @ wet dream of Nicki Minaj!!!!!!!

  4. See Yorapper I ain’t diggin that joint. BUT…she did do a joint a while back. I think it was before the deal cause she don’t sound NOTHIN like she did then. She did a remix to B.I.G’s “Warning”. She don’t got no makeup on and it’s just RAW. Oh yeah…it wasn’t a wet dream trust me…it was more like the movie Antichrist with Willem Dafoe. :(

  5. lol

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