Nicki Minaj Emasculates Funkmaster Flex

Let me cole’s notes this beef for you.

Nicki Minaj was to headline Hot 97’s Summer Jam.

Hot 97 Radio personality Paul Rosenberg while speaking to the crowd says that “Starships is wack”.

Lil Wayne out of nowhere tweets “Young Money ain’t doing summer jam”.

Nicki Minaj along with other Young Money artists Lil Wayne, Birdman, Tyga, Gudda Gudda, Busta Rhymes, Dj Khalid, Mavado and Jae Millz are all no shows.

Funkmaster Flex takes some shots at Nicki Minaj’s recent sales and her street cred.

Nicki Minaj and Funkmaster Flex get into a heated exchange over air.

Do you think Rosenberg regrets what he said?

*Update: Charlamagne names Flex “Donkey of the Day”.

*Update: Nicki Minaj announces she will be doing a free show in New York on The Breakfast Club.

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2 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Emasculates Funkmaster Flex

  1. yall making it sound much worse, Nikki was on some all of a sudden feminist bullshit after also trying to play the race card yesterday as well, she was wrong, Young Money was wrong, and Starships isn’t Hip Hop.  In the end Nas and Lauren Hill came out, and Hot 97 got a SHIT TON of publicity.  Rosenberg is on Cloud 9, and in my opinion, Flex has always been a little wishy washy, but he handled himself as well as he could’ve while trying to be as fair as possible

  2. Weather nicki is hiphop or not…. is not the point!? Its not up to that trailer park trash rosenburg and that career hater dick rider funk flex to decide. Just to your job and read the cue cards and play the fuckin records bitch!!!!

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