New T.I. -No Matter What

T.I. Paper Trail No Matter What Ringtone


New track of T.I.’s forthcoming album Paper Trail. As a big TIP fan, I think he’s going in the right direction here, because this song actually sounds like it could be off his first album “I’m Serious”.

Here’s a thought: Jail or the pending thought of being thrown in the big house always does a rapper good. Evidence: Tupac, Cassidy, Akon (I kid), Tony Yayo (more jokes), I’m sure there’s more, somebody help me out here.

2 thoughts on “New T.I. -No Matter What

  1. Prodigy and Beanie Sigel.

    Kidding, of course.

  2. Haha those guys got worse from jail. I think only Pac got wilder which made “ALL Eyez on Me” so classic.

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