NEW: Shyne “Messiah”

Here’s the first official song from Shyne on Def Jam since leaving the big house. I like it, but I’m also faded of leftover henny right now.

[audio:Shyne – Messiah.mp3]

6 thoughts on “NEW: Shyne “Messiah”

  1. I think when Shyne did that second verse he was also gone off of leftover henny…or havin a
    I fuck with this though…

  2. yea this track is good

  3. i don’t know man, he reminds me of some dipset reject/fucked up wannabe lloyd banks , I feel like nearly any other rapper could do something better with this beat. and i’m going to claim ignorance here, i mean i was 10 in ’01 but was he ever that popular? I just don’t get his appeal

  4. i’m with murph dog on this one.

  5. Murph when he came out everyone was lookin for that next best thing…and everyone was ridin his dick cause he was changin his voice slightly to sound like BIG. In a nutshell he was a mediocre artist with a copycat voice with backing by Puff. But now that he ACTUALLY has an image…he might really blow. lol

  6. Yo, why this sound like he 65 now Yo, you only did like 9 joints smh! This nigga sound like he grew like 40 years in the pen!!!

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