New 50 Cent “Get Up” Sucks Balls

50 Cent Get Up Ringtone

50 Cent has leaked the first single to Before I Self Destruct and it is probably the worst song I have ever heard. I really thought Fifty would have learned his lesson from the atrocity that was Curtis but apparently not. [Sidebar: Swizz Beatz produced this? WTF]


We don’t even want to upload it so here’s a youtube.

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4 thoughts on “New 50 Cent “Get Up” Sucks Balls

  1. where is the lyrics, ??? the only thing that keeps you hooked to listen to the song..




  2. for real now I’ve hated 50 cent since his first album, but I’d bump this before love lockdown

  3. this song is hot … 50 coming back wit tha same gangsta style as “get rich or die trying”
    plus the super producer Scott Storch produced Get Up …

  4. this song is sick, the person who posted the song is just a hater

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