Nas Stands Up To Fox News


Literally… Today (July 23) Nas stood up to give arousing speech for protesters from and to present Fox News at their headquarters in Manhattan a petition to end the station’s biased reporting.

Lil’ homie, whose latest album, Untitled, has just made it to #1 on Billboard with 187K argues that Fox News needs to end its racist reporting of Black people in America and particularly of Barack Obama and his family. Nas heads’ will also know that Nas recently released a new song entitled “Sly Fox” which goes straight for the News conglomerate’s jugular.

Fox News has released the following statement about Nasir Jones.

Fox News believes in all protesters exercising their right to free speech, including Nas, who has an album to promote.

I’m not sure if this is a publicity stunt or if Nas is really rolling with this left-wingers or if he’s just fighting back against Bill O’s comments about him last year. What say yall?

One thought on “Nas Stands Up To Fox News

  1. its obviously a publicity stunt, I mean its the week he came out with his new album, but i’m going to give him a pass, because he has a right to have the vendetta agianst Fox and Bill, I would love to see that debate, two hardheaded guys who just don’t like each other of course leading to a screaming match. It’s never going to happen though unless Nas actually goes on the show, which i doubt he’d do.

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