Nas Interview with Dj Green Lantern (part 1)


Looks like “Nigger” is actually going to come out, what with the huge promotional push Nas has been giving this album as of late (*sarcasm*). Nas speaks about the sales expectations on “Nigger” saying, “It’s not going to sell five, ten million copies, c’mon this is hip hop”. He also speaks on the election year saying that he wasn’t with the “vote or die” movement in 2004 and that having Barack Obama running is “great….but I’m in my own world”.

Dj Green Lattern also asks Nas which is his favorite joint of Illmatic? Although Nas didn’t say he had a favorite song from his first album, he did say, New York State of Mind was “everything I’ve been trying to say”. I’m sure all the heads would agree.

P.S. Notice Green Lantern say “N word” album. This is likely how the album would be marketed in the mainstream.

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