Nas Hates White Women

Nas Nigger

So Nas is making some news this week, after leaking “Be a Nigger Too” to the internetz, he also made some disparaging remarks about Tiger Woods in a recent King interview. The back story is that Nas’s song from his last record “These Are Our Heroes”, which was a great song, takes some shots at Black celebs such as Tiger Woods, Taye Diggs and Cuba Gooding Jr. for marrying women that are white. He implicitly argues that they couldn’t find any good Black women, so had to settle for white women. Nas elaborated on this in the interview, here’s what he said,

Tiger Woods standing up for this white lady who said something about him being lynched is a coon move to me. God bless the brother. I like to see him doing his thing, but that’s a flaw in his character. That’s an issue I would have with Tiger Woods; not who he is married to.

Now yes this is a known problem in the Black community that when a Black man attains financial success he will usually wife a non-Black women, usually of Latin decent or a chick whose like 1/4 Black, 1/4 Asian and 2/4 German. The only problem I have with Nas for making this argument is that this guy is married to Kelis whose half Chinese and Puerto Rican! Time for the “Hypo-the-crite” chant.

Now if are to assume you are not referring to non-Black women and that your criticism is directed at white women only, this wouldn’t make you a hypocrite, but just an idiot.

This whole argument reminds me of whenever I see Rastamans screaming “Bun the white man” and then wifing a fat ugly white girl with dreads.

Though they did say “Bun the white MAN“.

28 thoughts on “Nas Hates White Women

  1. yo nas your a monkey

  2. I am personally sick of dog haired white bitches pursuing black men … I laugh when they leave yall – yall thought they would stay for yall too? LOL

  3. Kelis is BLACK and stating that she is otherwise was your only defense against Nas. He has a right to comment on the GROWING phenomenon of black men (lets face it) selling out to white women. Over here in the UK black men don’t even wait till they get finically secure to start fucking with white women. The amount of mixed race kids we have running around here with absent black fathers and white mothers is beyond belief. Truth and we all know, white women will do anything the black man says, whereas black women aint having that and the men “don’t want the drama”.

  4. In response to a previous poster – What makes you think that ALL white people think that they are high and mighty? Who told you this?

    Because I am white, I need to be constantly reminded AND blamed AND hated for the atrocities committed against african americans by individuals who lived decades or even centuries before me just because we share the same skin color?

    I feel sorry for the individuals who think that way because they truly have so much to learn.

  5. i’m sitting back enjoying life laughing at all the dumb racist people on this site. totally agree with anonymous. at the end of the day all i think about is raising my kids right and whats in store for tomorow, not what finacially broke ass retards are thinking about “the white man.” And as a white woman i totatlly agree with nas. You should stick with you own race. if you look white stick with white, if you lookblack stick with black. On another note,everybody made an issue out of the race with the tiger woods issue. How funny is that when people should have been comdemning him not because they were white women, but because hes a cheating bastard.

  6. also of course his wife said hateful things to him. i wouldn’t be surprised if she called him a full blown [email protected]$$#%. He cheated on her for christs sake. she has the right to call him EVERY name in the book including telling him to GET LYNCHED!

  7. I do not understand all this hate and bickering over colour. It seems rather stupid. Who cares what race another person is. We are all human biengs and it doesn’t matter what hue our skin is…Geez, I am glad I come from Canada where we respect different colours and races…

  8. White women black women chinese asian any women, i find them all beautiful, fuck this racist shit!! all dese black men walk around with a chip on their shoulder and no i aint bein racist just honest!! them chips need to get filled in and stop pretendin u care about what happend when u were ‘slaves’ are you not forgettin that the caucasus man were used as slaves in the arab slave trade?? come on people we can all go back in time and pretend we care or feel deeply about what has happend but in truth its history, and history aint in my vocab because i focus on the present and if racism carries on its just gonna end up goin in a full circle, there will be a race war and whoever loses will surely become the slaves! break out of the circle and stop pretending these words nigga, coon, cracker, honkey, paki these are words and if they offend you you are a very weak person. STOP BEIN SO DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS!!

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