My Experience on a Racist Message Board

Clayton Bigsby

Last night, while waiting for the primary election results, I wanted a quick laugh so I decided to look up some “KKK-white power-neo nazi” kind of websites. After some google’ing I came across a “white pride” message board run by the group known as “Stormfront”. This message board was filled with all kinds of hate and ignorance as to be expected and I did get a good laugh out of it, I did, however, find some interesting things about these “folks” that I think you will all find kind of interesting.

First off, not all “white supremacist” agree with each other on their “issues”. For example, one poster was asking for advise about her husband whose daughter from a previous marriage had a baby with a Mexican and how she was conflicted on whether to love the child or not (sounds like a Springer episode?). Another poster made disparaging remarks about how bad Indians smell in New Jersey and was confronted by another poster who grew up with Indians and was very familiar with Indian culture and its religions and argued that “Indians were a close second in terms of race hierarchy.” There was also much hate directed toward Latinos, whom many called “illegal workers”, and the cause of much gang activity in their community. However, a few posters considered “fair skin, blue eyed” Latinos apart of the “white race”.

Aside from attacking these groups, there was of course, bashing against black and Jewish people which covered all the stereotypes. The absolute disdain these people have for black and Jewish people is disgusting. And by disgusting I mean, they hate for no reason and with no objection. Although the forum was filled with the classic “illiterate hick redneck”, who likely learned their racist ways from their parents and so forth, there were some articulate posters, who if not for their racists views, would be considered “reasonable”. These people, however, seem to derive their “hate” for non-whites from having been either themselves or their family been victims of crime perpetrated by black or Latino individuals.

Another interesting thing was that a few posters were actually in support of Barack Obama. This is because they believed that if he were to become president it would start a “race war” which would show the liberal whites how bad the blacks are and thus allow the white race to destroy the blacks once and for all. I know, this is some crazy logic. They also apparently, hate John McCain with a passion, referring to him as Juan McCain. Many of them were divided on Hilary Clinton as the “macho men” thought she should stay in the kitchen, while others believed she was apart of the “Zionist conspiracy”.

Overall, the basic goal of the posters on this site and of the whole “Stormfront” movement is to see all “non-whites” leave the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and any “majority white country” and go back to where they came from. Which is, of course, the dumbest thing ever, since their ancestors immigrated to the US and Canada as well. But this whole site, made me think, are white people really in need of a “pride” movement?

Do white people feel discriminated against based on their skin? Do white people feel their culture is being infiltrated and diluted by other cultures that they need to protect it? A lot of the arguments many posters use are the same arguments that minority groups hold up as justification for their movements. Do white people feel like the minority in their “own” land?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these, I would so love to reply “good”. But let me be bigger than that and say that it is fine to have pride about where you came from. If your Irish, it’s fine to wear a “I’m Irish and proud” shirt. If your American, it’s fine to wear a “I’m American and proud” shirt. I would even say, it’s fine to wear a “I’m white and proud” shirt. I do, however, think if you do wear any such shirts you have (a) a bad sense of fashion and (b) you are a divider. Let’s talk about point (b) a little more.

Your a divider in a world that already “naturally” divides us based on physical appearance. Why divide us further based on a political construct such as state lines or reaffirm a social construct such as skin color. Do you know how laughable it is to judge someone based on their skin color? Skin color is just the result of evolution in which certain “groups” of people skin color lightened because of their migration into parts of the world with less sun exposure. That is all, there is no other reason, just simple evolution. But did I really need to explain all that? No.

Dividing each other based on skin color, gender, religion, state, country, gang-affiliation, or any other top-down construct has been the cause of all the pain and suffering in the world. But I know, “Killings some wack shit, oh unless niggas is rappen”.

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