Music For Surveys

As promised, the Music For Surveys program has just been launched. You will find on the front page of this site ( a login box that you can use to sign into to get free mp3s every day just for taking a quick survey.

  • Sign up
  • Take Survey
  • Download Music

How does it work?
After you register, just for signing up you’ll get a serial number and pin code to use at for one mp3. Then everyday you come back to this site just log back in, complete another survey and get another free song.

What kind of surveys will I get?
As soon as you sign up, you will be asked to fill out an initial profile survey. This survey will ask you a number of questions that pertain to you. The number and different types of surveys will vary depending on what you have answered in your initial profile survey.

How many surveys will I be expecting?
The number of surveys you should expect depend on your initial profile survey. On average, most users receive approximately 5-10 surveys per month. Again this will vary depending on your profile survey.

What’s cool about this?
We get to support artists and still get free music. Sign up below!

Sorry No Longer Offered.

8 thoughts on “Music For Surveys

  1. Lil Wayne’s lollipop is so cooool, and also, I think you guyz are doing a great job. Well done.

  2. usher trading places is a bangn sng

  3. wayne i love u

  4. Hi,dis is wayne’s number 1 fan.i got all weezy’s albulm.i luv weezy f baby 4 life

  5. Once again,weezy is my man 4 expectin more albums frm waitin to get his mp3.all his tracks,i love it.u’re d best rapper contestant,i assure 1 like weezy f. Babyyyyyy.

  6. weezys over rated.

  7. i really love you exllent

  8. wayne the best rapper,respect man.

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