Movie Review: Vantage Point

Movie Review Vantage Point

Review: 0 out of 5

Best Scene: Blackberry equips Sniper rifle and common room fan.

You know when you see a movie and you know within the first ten minutes if it sucks or not. Well this is one of those movies where you know you’ve been duped within the first five. For god sakes, even the trailers were bad. This movie ensemble cast stars none other than, Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, the dude from Party of Five and a Terry Bradshaw a-like. The plot line is simple, some Spanish terrorist group assassinates the president and then shows what each character saw happen. Apparently, there are 8 vantage points, but I only saw the story rewind 4 times. This movie is definitely not worth seeing as the implausibility of it all is just too much to trick even the American public.

One of the worst scenes in the movie is when Dennis Quaid, whose like 80 years old, is driving a Suzuki Sidekick through the streets of Spain and is t-boned by a u-haul truck and yet the car sustains no damage and continues in pursuit of the bad guy. This is not the only mis-step in this sequence, but throughout this whole scene its as if the director decided to turn “damage off” ala Grand Theft Auto style.

Another hilarious scene, which isn’t supposed to be funny, is when the Dennis Quid saves the president and says, “I got you” and later on “Your welcome sir”. I swear I haven’t been to a movie in a while where everyone in the theater is laughing at the so-called “serious parts”. This movie isn’t worth seeing, worth downloading, worth renting, and is only worth writing about to warn you not to spend $10 bucks on this sorry excuse for a movie.

After watching movies like this me and my friends always come out the theater asking “why did the studio pay tens of millions of dollars for this movie? What were they thinking? Don’t they watch the movie before they release them? Not even Forest Whitaker, who probably got like 10 million for acting like a retarded pedophile, can save the poor acting in this one.

PS. Where’s Jack Bauer when you really need him? Oh yeah writer’s strike. 24 in Jan 2009!

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