Movie Review: Hitman


Director: Xavier Gens
Starring: Timothy Olyphant
Release Date: November 21, 2007

Review: 0 out of 5

Best Scene: When the credits roll.

I always wanted to play the video game “Hitman” cause it looks mad cool. But since I never got a chance too, on a bored snowy friday night had the choice of either having a few beers on the block (in the cold) or checking out the movie “Hitman”. I chose the latter, bad move.

This movie is absolute garbage. The acting is so bad that it’s actually funny. The only thing good about this movie is the score and the trailer. What I’m really trying to say is do not pay money to see this movie.

Looking forward to that I am Legend though.

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5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Hitman

  1. I can't believe anyone would pay to watch this movie, this is a definite rental or download… I am Legend looks great but my guess is that it'll disappoint like most book->movie adaptions

  2. haha true, we'll see.

  3. this was so good…i liked it heaps and so did my friends…good movie to watch..timothy olyphant is so HOT..

  4. The one who says that movie is bad is a real chutia and madarchod meaning he fucks his own mom.

  5. Thanks for your compliment. I have Indian friends and know what that means.

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