More from the Chris Brown Vs Rihanna Incident

So it looks like Chris Brown is in a heap of trouble as sources are coming out saying Rihanna was the victim. I am in shock as I would never expect Chris Brown out of people would beat his girl. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a rapper beating his girl? However, there are also reports that Rihanna started the fight and was the first to start wailing on dude. Anyway peep this video which pretty much puts you in the know on every juicy little detail.

One thought on “More from the Chris Brown Vs Rihanna Incident

  1. well wat i heard waz dat rihana gave chris brown herpie and i would have beat dat bitch to. becuz dats fuckin nasty and dats at suppose to be ya man and shit right you not goin to be givein me herpie. but i wouild have not beat them up dat bad like he did.


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