Mood Muzik 3 LIVES.

Joe Budden

The folks over at will now be crowned patron saints [sidebar: I think it was YoRapper feat. The Internet Soldiers that really did it]. Mood Musik 3 is alive and well and you can order your copy here. This is also the first time anyone has seen the real album cover (so it’s kinda a big moment). And yes Killa BH is on it (and so is Ransom..WTF). Here’s the official tracklisting to Mood Muzik 3. *Waits for his copy*


1. Hiatus (produced by Mellow Madness)
2. Ventilation (produced by The Klasix)
3. Talk 2 Em (produced by WMS Sultan)
4. Warfare feat. Joell Ortiz (produced by The Klasix)
5. Invisible Man feat. Emanny (produced by Chemo)
6. Dear Diary (produced by WMS Sultan)
7. Get No Younger feat. Ezo (produced by The Klasix)
8. Star Inside feat. Suzzy Q (produced by Dub B)
9. Killa BH Skit
10. Send Him Our Love (produced by The Klasix)
11. Family Reunion feat. Fabolous, Ransom & Hitchcock (produced by Shatek)
12. 5th Gear (produced by WMS Sultan)
13. Roll Call (produced by WMS Sultan)
14. Secrets feat. Emanny (produced by The Klasix)
15. All Of Me feat. Emanny (produced by The Klasix)
16. Killa BH – Foldgers Brother
17. Long Way To Go feat. Mr. Probz (produced by Soul Searchin’)
18. Thou Shall Not Fall (produced by The Klasix)
19. Still My Hood (produced by Wyks)

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