About that MMG Press Conference

The jury is still out on Rick Ross’ press conference. I need to watch it again because I watched it with my loud ass friends and we were laughing for most of it.

You have to hand it to Ross, he does knows how to court attention, which as you know is one of the 48 Laws of Power (which I am sure Ross has read hundreds of times). It’s also evident that Ross grew up on wrestling because everything about his showmanship reminded me of Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Vince Mcmahon.

As for the main reason of the press conference, to announce the signing of Omarion, I don’t think it was a good idea. I don’t see how Omarion fans and MMG fans overlap. If anything Omarion looked like a wannabe Ross, mimicking his over-the-top persona. Which if you think about it is a watered down version of Ray J, saying corny things like, “my history is my mystery”. C’mon man.

Nonetheless, Ross has some what of a good ear for music and I liked that they stressed that the signing was based on the unreleased material Omarion was cooking up. If it’s something that’s truly fresh, I’ll be happy. But my suspicion is that it will be the same 2006 commercial hip-pop-rnb that Omarion had been doing. And to that I say, I don’t think the world needs another Chris Brown.

What would have been more interesting and actually worthy of a press conference is if Ross signed someone like The Weeknd. Someone that’s unsigned but hot and that needs that commercial backing. Signing Omarion is a let down and if the trending hashtag #MaybachShouldveSigned on twitter is any indication, I am not alone here.

Who do you think Ross should have signed?

Watch MMG Press Conference:

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