Missy Elliot’s Back With 9th Inning

Guess whose back? For those too young to remember producer Timbaland and rapper Missy Elliot had the hip-pop charts on lock with songs like “Get Your Freak On” and The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) during the late 90s and early 2000s. Missy is pretty much the bluprint for the pop-side of Nicki Minaj, except not as annoying.

Anyway, after a 7 year absense, Missy’s last album was 2005’s The Cookbook, Missy and her go-to-producer Timbo are set to release a new album titled Block Party on December 18th. Here’s a snippet courtesy of Missy’s label Atlantic of a song called “9th Inning”.

It’ll be interesting to see how Missy competes in an error of reduced video budgets, considering her videos pushed the limits creatively and financially. As for the track, it has potential but Missy is going to have to step up her rap game up as does Timbo if they want to compete in today’s market.

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