Miss Issa

Miss Issa

No she’s not a soft core pr0n model she’s an up and coming R&B artist. The crack research team here at YoRapper have found a certified dime. Peep more pics inside >>

Miss Issa

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2 thoughts on “Miss Issa

  1. yeah she is really beautiful and sexual. sexual baby . and i have seen some more hot videoes and sexual pics about her .yeah there re somemore pics about her .yeah that’s great

  2. Sexy lady,looks like trouble.O-me im not gay I like Mariah Carey and I am trying to make her 29 and divorce that guy.Yahhh,because I grew up in Tampa Bay,yahhhhh alllssooooo -I am A comedyman and I am 30 yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Cat’s claw me somtimes and it leaves me itching ”””’sexy ladies neeeeeeed toooooooooooo be careeeeeeeeeeeeeefffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllcarfulllllllllllllllcarefull.

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