Michael Jackson Prank Call

Micheal Jackson Thriller
Michael Jackson Prank Call

I just found this, not sure how old or new this is, but its crazy. Prank call extraordinaire Ralphige crank calls none other than the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson in this interview with Cipha Sounds. It’s not really funny, just interesting to see how weird Jacko really is. You can find more of Ralphige’s “work” at www.ralphige.com. He has an impressive resume, pranking Chamillionaire, Akon, Flava Flav, Junior Reid, Patty Labelle, Scott Storch, Hulk Hogan, David Banner, Kay Slay, Pharrell, Jae Millz, Immortal Technique, Dj Clue, Kid Capri, Rev Run and Gloria Velez. This guy has pretty much got everyone, he even got Jay-Z, but Jay called him back with his home address and told him not to put it out.

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8 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Prank Call

  1. I think jackson should of stay like that he looked better but I hope his family is good


  3. Wow that prank caller is just plain stupid.

  4. Ralphige Is a pussy get a life bitch

  5. michael waz a gud friend and singer

  6. O….M…..G…… HE SOUDED JUST LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON.By the we I am the #1 Michael jackson fan for -all you freaks out there who think there better than me

  7. So all you people out there fuck off

  8. Because my whole room is Michael Jackson.I am abbsesed with him.So all those- other people out the-re who think your a -bi-gger fan t-han me y-ou should j-ust fuck off

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