Michael Jackson You Will Be Missed

As you probably already know Micheal Jackson died Thursday July 25th 2009 from an apparent cardiac arrest while in his Los Angeles home. My facebook account was going buck wild yesterday with the news and I heard twitter pretty much had to shut down for an hour while the news was being “tweeted” around the world. Let’s not get into the amount of text messages I got confirming the worst.

Apparently, TMZ is reporting now that Michael Jackson’s “at home” doctor injected him with Demerol (which is a kind of morphine drug) before he died and he may have overdosed as a result. If this is true that doctor needs to move to Mars, because he will end up with his head on a stake and his family tortured. But I digress…

When someone dies we tend to remember all the great memories we had of them and for practically everyone on Earth, Michael Jackson is the blueprint of pop music. Being the biggest selling artist of all time, I think Michael Jackson will be remembered more for his music and not so much the controversy. For me personally his music and videos are what got me interested in music when I was very young. I still remember the first time I saw “Thriller”, “Remember The Time”, “Bad”, “Scream” and “Black and White” and all of those songs as well as their visuals changed how I looked at music. Michael Jackson showed me that you could be entertaining, make great songs but also dance and have a message at the same time. He was an all encompassing artists that was larger than life. Michael you will be missed.

What’s your fondest memory of Michael Jackson?

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