Method Man & Redman “Blackout 2” Track List & Cover Art

Check out the cover art for Method Man and Redman’s next album “Blackout 2” which will hit stores May 19th. Peep the track list below.

Method Man & Redman “Blackout 2” Track List
# Title Music Length
1. “B.O.2 (Intro)”
2. “I’m Dope Nigga”
3. “A Yo (feat. Saukrates)” Pete Rock 3:48
4. “Dangerous MCs” 3:05
5. “Errbody Scream (feat. Keith Murray)”
6. “Hey Zulu”
7. “City Lights (feat. Bun B)” Nasty Kutt 3:57
8. “Father’s Day”
9. “Mrs. International (Skit)”
10. “Mrs. International (feat. Erick Sermon)” Buckwild 3:56
11. “How Bout Dat? (feat. Ready Roc, Streetlife)”
12. “Dis Iz All 4 My Smokers”
13. “Lock Down (Skit) (feat. DJ Kay Slay)”
14. “Four Minutes To Lock Down (feat. Raekwon, Ghostface Killah)” 3:24
15. “Neva Herd Dis B 4”
16. “I Know Sumptn (feat. Poo Bear)”
17. “A Lil’ Bit (feat. Melanie Rutherford)”


5 thoughts on “Method Man & Redman “Blackout 2” Track List & Cover Art

  1. fuck the other shit, i’m buyin this may 19th

  2. i’m pumped for this, but scared of an obvious push of release date, and not just not being as good as I’d hope

  3. I’m praying for the rest of the album to be better than what I’ve heard from the “Ayo” single. I have a feeling this album’s gonna be a breath of fresh air but I’ll only be bumpin it for a couple weeks and then it’ll collect dust…kinda like the last Busta album I bought. Fire for a few days…but then it loses it’s luster. lol

  4. agreed with fred

  5. Man i’ve heard a few songs from dis album an its lookin like fire. No matter what meth and red always put out that funky stuff that always be bumpin!

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