Meet the Guy Who Painted Facebook’s Walls and Made $200 Million

David Choe is a real artist, he started off a graph artist become famous in his own right as an artist, made his first million gambling in Las Vegas, went to Japanese prison for 3 months and in 2005 was asked by then Facbeook president Sean Parker (the kid who started Napster) to paint the walls of Facebook’s office with his art. Choe was asked if he would take $60,000 or shares in Facebook for his services, he decided to take shares as a risk and didn’t think anything would come of it, in fact and never been on Myspace or Friendster, much less had access to the internet as he had just got out of jail. When a New York Times article broke recently that Choe would stand to make anywhere between $100 and $500 million as a result of Facebook going public, Choe not only became incredibly rich but also famous.

He decided to share his story with Howard Stern in which if you are any type of entrepreneur or artist should listen to below.

Here’s a random video of Mark Zuckerberg and David Choe painting Facebook’s office.

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