Meek Mill – Repo (Cassidy Diss)

“I set the trap just to see dude react.” – Jay-Z

A few thoughts: This diss says more about Meek Mill than Cassidy. After Meek’s disapointing album, he seemed to fall into a slump, he needed to do something to get his buzz back and since his album doesn’t have any more material to mine he has to resort to putting all his creative energy in tearing up a guy who (A) hasn’t been hot in a while and (B) someone who put on for Meek’s hometown Philly, long before he did.

I don’t think it’s possible to make a diss record to someone you don’t know personally, without coming off trivial, in which Meek does. He speaks about his wealth, his watch, his car, and his past success and how Cassidy isn’t hot anymore. It’s pretty much stuff anyone could expect to say about Cassidy. Technically and sonically it’s a good Meek song and to the casual listener this will probably sound like any song Meek would put on his mixtape. If anything this beef does is make Cassidy’s name buzz again, and like I said on twitter, if Cassidy puts out a crazy diss followed up by a great mixtape, his career could skyrocket and maybe Swizzy will give him a few beats.

So did Meek fall into the trap?

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