Can You Really Have Love in the Club?

Usher Love in the Club Ringtone

Have you ever went to the club and got a bonner when grinding on some chick? I haven’t. And I was talking to my homies about this and all of them said they have never either. Actually, one of them said he “sorta”, but that guys too wild to count. So anyway, I got the thinking, what the hells the damn point of wining?

Don’t get me wrong when you see a female with a great bubble it’s instinctual that you want to push up on her. But you really want to push up on her. The fact of the matter is grinding is essentially dry humping without the hump. There’s no way any sane dude is going to get a bonner in a public place like the dance floor grinding on some ting. At least I’m not.

Just imagine the repercussions of either (A) continuing with the bonage until after the song is finished and (B) getting way too excited and relieving the bonage sauce in your pants. Both outcomes are yucky.

Another thing I want to know is do these dancehall freaks (i.e. women getting grinded on) derive any sort of pleasure from this experience or do they just see it as harmless fun? I believe it’s likely the latter, however, I think some will believe that women get some kind of idea how homeboy will perform in the bed. I think this might be true, case in point.

I was at the club last week and my friend totally tore up this hot Hawaiian chick, I mean I was dying of laughter as it really looked like a tall skinny monkey (no racism) was in an all out attack against these female’s backside. It was great. After the grind was over, he casually walked off, and the girl was pretty much begging for his number thereafter. Now I didn’t ask him if he had any kind of bonage, because I wouldn’t ask such a gay ass question in the club. But I suspect he didn’t so what made the chick get finicky? How homie rocked the boat? or just the swag? I can’t say, but just some food for thought.

Imagine dude didn’t rock the boat, and just did the robotic pelvic thrust, which one of my friends actually did to girl the other night, would he get the same response as the hot Hawaiian chick? No. A weak grind didn’t get my friend any number or any follow up action, in fact the lady in question made it very clear she was CALLING HER BOYFRIEND -which I only mention for hilarity purposes.

So I think we can conclude some what that having a good grind is related to having some endearing quality women look for. However, having bonage while doing so makes you look like sex deprived perv.

One thought on “Can You Really Have Love in the Club?

  1. Yup, my husband told me that he grinded on a girl in a club and got a bonner and kept grinding her for 3-4 minutes. I totally think he cheated on me. He says not, but he knows it was wrong. I think he may have even had a stain in his pants when I did the laundry, not knowing his friend even took him to a club. I am crushed, how do I know that he did not actually have sex with her. Do you think he cheated?

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