Maino “If Tomorrow Comes…” Cover Art x Track List

Maino If Tomorrow Comes Cover Art

Maino’s debut album “If Tomorrow Comes..” drops June 30th. Peep the cover art above and track listing below.

1. “Million Bucks” (featuring Swizz Beatz)
2. “Scene 1: If Tomorrow Comes…” (Skit)
3. “Back to Life” (featuring Push! Montana)
4. “Remember My Name”
5. “Gangsta” (featuring B.G.)
6. “Scene 2: The Meeting” (Skit)
7. “All the Above” (featuring T-Pain)
8. “Here Comes Trouble”
9. “Scene 3: Hating” (Skit)
10. “Hi Hater”
11. “Let’s Make a Movie”
12. “Kill You”
13. “Scene 4: Contemplating” (Skit)
14. “Runaway Slave”
15. “Soldier”
16. “Hood Love” (featuring Trey Songz)
17. “Floating”
18. “Scene 5: The Phone Call” (Skit)
19. “Celebration”