Mac Miller’s “Blue Slide Park” Expected to Do BIG Numbers

Now this is impressive. Mac Miller’s debut album, which is on an independent label, meaning his singles are not being played on the radio (because they can’t afford to pay the stations) will likely be the #1 album next week. According to HitsDailyDouble, Blue Slide Park is on track to sell between 175k and 185k (official numbers will be released next week).

To put this into perspective, J Cole whose on a major label sold 217,825 and Wale whose also on a major, and just released Ambition, sold 164k. Now what does this tell you? Sure some will say suburban white kids are buying it. So what? How would suburban white kids even know about Mac Miller if he’s not getting major radio spins? MTV documentaries made about him? Co-signs from Jay-Z? While I’m not exactly a fan of Mac, I do see he has put in a tremendous amount of work building a fan base from touring and his social media presence (150 million youtube videos, 2.2 million followers). For someone that has not been pushed by the machine, but rather used youtube to springboard his career is highly commendable.

Mac Miller Blue Slide Park


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