M.I.A. “Born Free” Video

Here’s the first video of M.I.A.’s upcoming album and it’s probably the best music video you’ve seen in 20 years.


6 thoughts on “M.I.A. “Born Free” Video

  1. I like M.I.A. and a lot of her other work but this shit is wack

  2. Intense video.

  3. For all you smart dumb niggas this is about the Tamils in Sri-Lanka where in certain areas the young are kidnapped and killed/tortured because they become enemy supporters or enemy soldiers lots of the time. Sad but true…..

  4. It’s cool that its visually depicted as white Irish boys in the US.

  5. I watched this video again last night and holy shit dudes i was wrong. This video is amazing once you sit through it, and the song finally caught on.

  6. Its okday, gingers dont have souls anyway…

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