Lupe Fiasco Talks The Cool

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe opens up to the Village Voice about his upcoming album The Cool. He talks about his Grammy nomination, his retirement, why music sucks, writing books, and oh yeah his album! Here is an excerpt where he was asked if he is really going to quit. He’s really not cool at all. But I still can’t wait to hear the album.

I think I’m obligated for like, three more records on my label after The Cool, but you ain’t necessarily gotta do ‘em. [Laughs.] If you really don’t want to, you don’t necessarily got to keep recording. But as far as quitting, that just [refers to] recorded music. The entity of recorded music really sucks, it’s really wack, especially when you’re doing it through a major. It’s like, you don’t make any money unless you sell tons and tons of records. And I’m not selling tons and tons of records. So, financially, it’s like, this ain’t making no sense. I’m making more money off my shows or off sponsorship or whatever. So, you start to feel like it’s 1950 again, like, “Damn, did I just sign away my life? Damn, I feel stupid.” I’ll still tour. It’s funny, because I just had the same conversation with Ian Astbury last night. I was like, “This recorded music shit sucks,” and he was like, “Yeah, it does.” But, we’ll see.

To read the full interview go here.

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