Loon Really Pushing the Muslimness

As you already know Loon converted to Islam a couple months back. Here is a recent interview he did with Al-Jeerza News. It’s not a bad piece, but I just think that the interviewer constantly pushing Loon to rap was in bad taste, but Loon handled it appropriately.

I do agree with Loon that the “hip hop lifestyle”, you know the cliche one of smoking weed, selling drugs, shooting people and going to jail is wrong, but do you really need to get all religious to avoid such a lifestyle? I don’t do any of the above, and I realized it wasn’t a smart life choice, but I didn’t become religious, if anything I became less religious.


2 thoughts on “Loon Really Pushing the Muslimness

  1. Amazin!

  2. i proud of u

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