LL Cool J Talks Bad About His Boss Jay-Z

LL Cool J

LL is still mad as hell. Everyone knows LL Cool J is unhappy with having Sean Carter as his boss, likely because his last album flopped and he thinks he should be running the label. In a recent interview with MTV, the one the ladies love sounds off on Jigga’s ability to run a record label. [Blasphemy.] He says, “I just don’t feel like he had the necessary experience to do that job”. He further states,

“I don’t know any other record company that he worked for where he learned how to run this business. This is a label that started in 1984 and you just can’t give somebody a job because you want to attract talent and look sexy… because there are artists that suffer.”

Ahh what about Rocafella? Rocawear? 40/40? part ownership of the Nets? LL also had this to say in regards to Jay-Z’s American Gangster album,

Let’s take this soundtrack for instance; shouldn’t there be other Def Jam artists on this soundtrack? Shouldn’t this be the big Def Jam project with Def Jam artists involved..Nas has a record…You have LL working on an album for a year and then you have the president putting out his album in the middle of the schedule. I mean… really look at what’s going on.

Huh. Jay’s album isn’t the soundtrack to the movie American Gangster. Is LL really that old that he is becoming senile? All I know is dude f’d up the promotion of his last (and final) album. Maybe Hov will make you his assistant? Anyway check out this free ipod touch.

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One thought on “LL Cool J Talks Bad About His Boss Jay-Z

  1. Huge LL fan… I think he has a legit gripe.. Yeah, the shit wasn’t the official sound track… comeonson, that’s how they pushed the shit to the audience. It should had more def jam artist at least to show solidarity among the label. Just another selfish promotion grab by Jay again… Combining his Def Jam appointment with a album release… but would you expect form mr JAY-HOVE, god mc!!!

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