Lil Wayne’s Going to Jail Party

Here’s some snaps from Lil Wayne’s “going in” party as he should be checking into the big house anytime today.

As usual everyone in Young Money was present (we think) and even some Hot Boyz showed up. Looks like one big sausage fest to me.

Lil Wayne Drake


Photos by OzoneMag


5 thoughts on “Lil Wayne’s Going to Jail Party

  1. Stupid motherfucker, bringing a gun into NYC. The place with the heaviest gun control laws in the country. Lets see if hes still dropping SUWOO’s on Rikers…

  2. 5 years for carrying is crazy that’s all I’m going to say.

  3. Dumb ass dude for real

  4. Now I see why Drake doesn’t smile on most of his pix…. Cheez! Lol

  5. Gonna miss his music

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