Lil Wayne to Bring Juelz Santana Back From Grave

Lil Wayne

I’m seriously scratching my head. Apparently, Lil Wayne would rather do a collab album with Juelz Santana (who hasn’t been hot since I can’t even remember) than with his own artist Drake.

Mack Maine confirmed to XXL that Lil Wayne’s next project will be the “I Can’t Feel My Face” collab album with Juelz Santana

“The next project he’s working on is I Can’t Feel My Face with [Juelz Santana],” Maine told over the phone. “Elz is talented man. He’s a young legend. [Wayne’s] back working in the studio. He has that and the Young Money album.”

If memory serves me correct this is a project that has been in the “works” since 2005.

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