Lil Wayne Spits Another Guy’s Verse at 08 VMA

I know Lil Wayne’s gone mad and all but did he really have to spit another “guys” verse to open his set? If you don’t know what I’m talking about peep this joint below.


The dude who he copied who I will remain nameless because I actually know him and told him I ain’t mentioning him till he has a real record deal and not that Young Money records bullshit. Haha.

Oh yeah and I know I’m good ain’t no one messing with my ear!!!!

2 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Spits Another Guy’s Verse at 08 VMA

  1. Hey dude.Maybe you should learn your shit.Drake was gonna perform with weezy,But they cancelled him.Wonder why he says “I love you my homeboy Drake!”?

  2. who write this is ignorant u know drake now he doin big tings n you can’t say his name. hatin ass nigga where da fuck u from who is act like that?

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