Lil Wayne -Lollipop Ringtone

Download the Lil Wayne Lollipop Ringtone for all carriers and phone types.

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27 thoughts on “Lil Wayne -Lollipop Ringtone

  1. “i wear so much ice they yell skate wayne!!” yall gotta love it man weezee is da damn future …hatres jst quit your day jobs and get a life!! PEACE YALL

    blue magic representing da QUEENS WIT ATITTUDE

  2. i isz da one nd only lana f baby…
    iN LOVE-FOSH0′
    he’sz alll mine as i said b4..
    he like me cause i got my own..
    independent queen lookin f0′ her thrown..
    aha yu kno how it go but he is da best rapper alive nd der isz no one above him…
    myspace url
    get at me WAyNE:D

  3. OMFG…i luv lil wayne so much
    hes a sexy beast…RRRrarrr

  4. i loooooooooooooooove you lilwayne i love i love you
    you are the best yessssssss :) :) : ):) :) :) :) :)

  5. illove lil wayn so much

  6. Lil Wayne <3

  7. how to download it。。。。。。

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