Lil’ Wayne and his Baby Momma Drama

Lil Wayne and Wifey

In the November issue of Vibe magazine, Lil’ Wayne explains why he had a baby at only 15 years old. He said,

A year after Rabbit was gone, I was on tour like crazy with Cash Money, and my momma said she was bored, alone, and scared in the house by herself. She was like, ‘Why don’t you just have a baby with somebody? Just tell the little girl’s mom I’ma take care of the baby, don’t worry about that.’ I was like, ‘I don’t have nobody I like like that!’ She was like, ‘Just find somebody! You don’t like Toya?’ I was like, ‘Alright, I like her then.’ Toya was 14 when she got pregnant, and I was 15 asking 14-year-olds. Toya’s the only person that agreed outta all the ones I asked. I said that my momma wants a child. And they was like, ‘That’s your momma’s problem!’ So Toya was like, ‘Shiiit, when we due, boo?’

Whoa. In an interesting turn of events, in a Maury Povich kinda way, Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife, Antonia Carter, has responded stating,

We had a baby at fourteen…we were in love. It wasn’t about ‘His mom was lonely.’ I never heard that before. His Dad had passed away and his mom was by herself, but it had nothing to do with how my daughter came about. It was just something that happened.

People these days say anything to sell, but you have to realize you can’t say anything to sell music anymore. It don’t just affect me or him. It affects our child, too, because she reads these things and hears these things. That’s the only reason I want to speak out about it.

His mother didn’t ask him to go around asking girls to have a baby. That didn’t happen. My daughter came about because we were in love and young.

I just recently asked him about this interview and made me look like a complete ass and said his mother made me marry him, like we were never in love. Like we never had anything. Like I was your jumpoff. Like I just came along and fell in. That is not what happened. Don’t act like we never had nothing and you don’t have love for me.

Damn, this is to much of a next man’s business. Really Wayne should just talk shit on the mic, not in magazines.

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17 thoughts on “Lil’ Wayne and his Baby Momma Drama

  1. In the mist of the moment people say things they dont mean all the time..I think that it was old quote and that we shouldnt treat him any different for that. He surely loves his daughter..and that is what matters

  2. yall no what forreal this is some real shit just for get bout every thing let me tell yall somethang …i no dey been thru alot but i dont even no dat was some dumb azz shit lil wayne had posted up dere because who momma tell dey child to go find somebody to have sex with for you can bring a grand child in diz world “another child that i gotta take care of because you barely no how to take care of yo damn self” so i dont beleiev dat shit lil wayne said and toya i like ha she real while i was whatchin ha new show tiny &toya you can tell that she is not ova him she was really in love with boy that was her frist real love real boyfriend he was da pne that she lost her vriginity to because day was in love with each other and yea dey did have a baby at 15 years old yea she was 14 ..helll my momma got pregnant with me at 14 and had at 15

  3. ay toya if you reading dis gurl u and tiny the best toya u goin thur the same shit ass me i fell u fuck wayne you is a black pretty ass gurl i like trina 2 but you wea im cumming from wayne love dat pussy he just trying 2 look hard

  4. hi wats up when can ya’ll come to collins

  5. you go hard toya i did not know you felt like that well you gone and move on

  6. you guys were both too young. and should of waited just because ur mom was went out and made a baby..and ya’ll aint together now! and lil wayne has like 3273297 babymommas..that aint cool.

  7. i didnt know this about lil wayne! i was shocked!
    like i knew about this babymommma ,bt not the details!

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