Lil Kim: Yuck

Lil Kim
There should be a law against all Black people prohibiting them for decreasing the width of their nose. You either end up looking like an alien or Micheal Jackson. Besides it shows some self-hate issues regarding race that you should get over mentally before trying to get over physically.

Also short girls, should not be getting bowling ball implants -scratch that- no women should be getting bowling ball implants. Shit looks so unnatural. So what you rock an A cup, eat some greasy KFC for a month and watch the tat tats pop out maybe get a booty bonus too. It’s all natural.

For the record, Lil Kim looked just banging when she first came out (and was a much rapper back then -even with Biggie ghostwriting). I thought she had no time for fake ones?

Young Lil Kim
Gotta love that leopard skin camel toe.


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19 thoughts on “Lil Kim: Yuck

  1. Just want you to know that i love you and your songs don’t give a fuck what people say they need to do what the pimp says on your last cd#4 need to shut the fuck up love you lil kim

  2. i think lil kim is so pretty great shape

  3. you sexxxxy gril.I want to get laid by you.

  4. There are so many grammar errors on this page.. I don’t even know where to start. Ebonics much?

  5. Who is looking at her nose anyway???

  6. Man, how the fuck are you all in denial… Shes a fucking ugly creature…

  7. this pic look photo shopped and shit, comeonson!!!

  8. i will fuck the hell outta her

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