LA Clippers Owner Don Sterling Wants His Black Girlfriend to Not Take Any Pictures with Black People or Bring Them To His Games

Why is this such a shock you ask? An owner of a basketball team whose married to a black woman doesn’t want her to associate with black people in public. Huh? I don’t get it either. Did I miss something?

Are old white rich people as bad as we think they are? I was having a talk with my friend about this and his reaction was basically “so what?”. He was saying that anyone that has been racially discriminated against shouldn’t be surprised when someone whose obviously racist makes racist remarks. I don’t really get his argument either, but it kind of sorta makes sense.

I think the main reason we’re in shock about this is that this guy is surrounded by black people yet he has a total “old school” way of looking at his relationship with them and by “old school” I mean masssa/slave relationship (which kind of makes my friend’s point make sense).

I look at like this if Eminem said anything racist against black people (which he did remember?) it wouldn’t make any sense.

But here’s the thing…if you heard the phone call, you’d know Don and his wife were having a private conversation, okay more like a private argument, and if you’re married or have a girlfriend you know things can get heated and things get said that don’t mean to be said. I think we have a case of that here.

Also I think most people will turn racist in the heat of the moment. For instance, if someone whose a different race than you cuts you off in traffic, I’m pretty sure if you’re honest with yourself your first thought will be “Fucking *insert racial slur*”, which you may or not say out loud.

Am I wrong?

For the record this is exactly how I feel.

Update: The NBA has banned Don Sterling from the NBA for life and fined him for $2.5 million. They are also putting pressure on him to sell his ownership of the Clippers.