Kid Cudi Seems Mad Emo

Don’t get me wrong, Cudi’s album has some cool production and his style is refreshing but he’s a little too emo for me and his rapping abilities are questionable.


7 thoughts on “Kid Cudi Seems Mad Emo

  1. -sighs- I refuse to give these rappers any slack these days. There’s actually some decent hip-hop coming out as of late (more than usual). I’m tired of having to just “accept” sub-par music from these up-and-comers. If you’re not gonna make fire…get out of the pit.

  2. I think the thing with Cudi to truly appreciate his shit for what it is. You have to take into account that he’s not a rapper, he’s in his own genre basically. He’s closer to making pop songs than rap songs.

  3. i’m with fred, and as far as accepting it for what it is as pop music, I’ll still take the raekwon, buckshot, M.O.P., jay and the n.o.r.e (maybe) over it

  4. q-tip as well

  5. YoRapper, you took the words out of my mouth. The production is good, Kid Cudi is not a good rapper, and he’s way too emo. I was on a forum and they were talking about how great it was, but the focus was on the emo junk.

  6. Ivan the thing is if I wanted to listen to that kind of stuff why wouldn’t I listen to bands like MGMT? That can actually sing and play guitar.

    Cudi has style and substance too, his singing isn’t too bad, it’s bearable but his rapping isn’t exciting to me.

  7. I think this (his emo) should have been realized after he retired because Wale said he changed.

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