Kid Cudi “Day N Nite” Ringtone Download

Kid Cudi Day N Nite ringtone

Download Kid Cudi’s “Day N Nite” ringtone for all cell phone types including Iphone, Nokia, Motorola and LG. Get “Day and Nite” ringtone by going right here.


4 thoughts on “Kid Cudi “Day N Nite” Ringtone Download

  1. you r so cute o my goss

  2. u r soooooooooo insirational 2 us….ur muzik iz juss sooo retro….dis pik makez u luk hi but very cute…lolz no offense bout da hi part…umm it wud b sooo kewl if u cud rite us bak at our yahoo…thnx

    much luv,
    plaid princesses

  3. heii cudi…itz us agen…dis pik iz awsum!…ur swagga iz juss sooo ridiculous!…u r sikk wit ja muzik..we rilly wunna go c a concert dat u du!…we rilly wunt u 2 rite us @ our yahoo we promise we will not tell iny1…it wud b a bigg help..buhh datz a 1 n 1000 000 000 chance…so we juss wunnawish u a gud luck!

    much luv,
    plaid princesses!

  4. Once a boy with a big dream of becoming a hit artist. Now u r congrats on that. Come visit my skool and do a live concert there @ Rockhampton state high school. Thanx, see ya. luv tish

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