Kid CuDi Tasered for Not Wearing Reeboks

Kid Cudi

The big homie Kid Cudi was apparently tasered by police for getting into a fight at an All Star Weekend party last night. The fight is reported to have taken place between Kid Cudi and employees of Reebok, when in argument ensued over him wanting to wear Jordans instead of Reeboks before hitting the stage.

Once police were called, Kid Cudi likely channeled the divaness of his mentor Kanye West and thus was tasered.

No representative of Kid Cudi have confirmed this incident at press time. Hopefully Kid Cudi is doing well.

UPDATE: Kid Cudi has responded on his blog about the incident. Apparently, some sites were reporting that he has been arrested and this is not the case. Also Cudi dispels rumors the fight was over wearing Reeboks. He does admit he was tasered by one time.

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