Karina Eiland: The Petite Banger

This week our featured model comes all the way from the Ukraine via Columbus, OH.

Karina Eiland

Her name is Karina Eiland and here’s her story in her own words.

My name is Karina Eiland. I was born in Ukraine and I still speak, read and write fluently in both Ukrainian and Russian. My family moved to the states when I was 9, when I turned 14 my mom put me and my older sister through modeling school in Columbus, OH. After graduation we competed in Model Search America where I met Tyra Banks. Unfortunately I didn’t get signed to an agency and soon after, like most kids, lost interest.

Now I am 24 years old, once again following my childhood dream. I never lost interest, I just gave up thinking I was too short to make it big! I grew out of that stage of thinking and fell in love with the camera. I love to draw and photography is just another way to express creativity. A picture says a million words and every mind translates its meaning differently. That is the beauty of art and one is only blind not to appreciate it.

Just about a months ago I had a baby girl, Sasha Kristina Garnett. I am fortunate enough to have great genes because in just a month my body is right back to how I was before my pregnancy. I am jumping right back into the modeling world and this time I’m going to do it BIG! Please contact me if you need any additional information.

Height: 5′ 1″
Weight: 99 lbs
Measurements: 35-26-35
Shoe size: 6
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: Russian/Ukrainian
Skin color: Olive


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