Kanye’s Turning Into a Weirdo: Love Lockdown?


I should have known he was going to get his Amy Winehouse on at the 2008 MTV Music Awards. I predicted he would go down this lane in December but was actually hoping he would perform a real hip hop song, you know one with rhyming and cussing? After Kanye put out Stronger, I knew his ass wasn’t going back to his College Dropout days. A real artist like Kanye has to go down that Andre 3000/Cee-Lo/European/Gay route, because (a) He has nothing to rap about anymore and (b) the T-Pain machine makes it damn easy for anyone to sing (that device is called the ‘auto-tune’ for all you home gamers paying attention). It’s to bad Kanye had to go out like this. I mean I’m probably going to love this new joint by the end of tomorrow but still.

**Update**: Yo this song is sick!

2 thoughts on “Kanye’s Turning Into a Weirdo: Love Lockdown?

  1. Fuck You Guy. He’s great.

  2. I agree with Nathan. Fuck U, u have no idea what your talking about. Kanye killed.

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