Kanye West Breaks Down on Stage


According to People magazine, Kanye West while performing in Paris (only a week after his mother’s passing) broke down in tears unable to finish his set. He was about to perform his last song of the night, which was “Hey Mama” the song he made a few years back for his moms and as soon as he said “This song is for my mother…” he broke down. As you can see from the video a few band members went over to comfort Kanye as the band continued to play. It’s actually a very moving moment. Not to mention, the fans cheering Kanye and paying their respects to his mother was very classy as well.

Everyone’s probably thinking Kanye shouldn’t be performing right now, but I think he should. It’s in his character to be a very public person and through his music and personality we have come to know the dude as if he were our close friend. Seeing how Kanye adores the spotlight, it is only right he share his pain with us. This is perhaps the bravest thing ever done in hip hop history. I thought his track “Big Brother” was big. But this feels like when Tupac was here and in the same way he gave us those raw emotions, Kanye is keeping it 100% real here too. Once again, all respects go out to Kanye and his Mama.

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  1. Wow very deep dude, I feel for that nigga.

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